Call for papers

The quest for better lives, by either maximizing well-being or minimizing ill-being, is central to human culture, history, and actions. Problems arise when choosing policies for better lives. Economists recommend economic growth as the way to satisfy ever increasing desires. This view has been challenged in recent years as a growing number of scholars argue that such a monetary-based focus led people to neglect aspects of life that are central to well-being. To date the debate remains open: which economic and social policies can promote well-being? Does the literature on well-being provide new insights for civil society and policy-makers? Are there dimensions of well-being neglected by traditional policies? How can policy-makers best integrate the findings from well-being studies? What is the role for civil society?

Topics of the conference

This is an interdisciplinary conference welcoming contributions from every field of social sciences, such as: economics, sociology, psychology, and political sciences. We especially welcome papers on the following topics:
  • Correlates and consequences of well-being and ill-being (e.g. personality, wealth, productivity, immigration, occupation, health);
  • Well-being over time;
  • Well-being inequality;
  • Inequality, social capital, and inclusive growth;
  • Well-being and the changing environment;
  • Public or private interventions for well-being and their evaluations;
  • Future directions in well-being research;
  • Well-being and ill-being metrics (e.g. single indicators vs. dashboards; micro vs. macro);
  • The impact of Covid-19 on well-being and its correlates;
  • Big data and well-being.

Keynote speakers

Our four keynote speakers are: prof. Stefano Bartolini, University of Siena; prof. Carol Graham, University of Maryland & Brookings Institution; prof. Andrew Oswald, University of Warwick, and Mr John De Graaf, an American author, journalist and filmmaker.

Paper submission and deadlines

To apply, please, submit an abstract including the name of the author/s and a title to:
Extended abstracts and full manuscripts are welcome. The deadline for application is the 15th of January 2021. We will notify the authors of accepted papers by the end of March 2021.